Directional servo-valves

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Force Marine can provide portfolio includes proportional directional valves, proportional pressure valves, proportional flow valves, high-response valves, servo-valves and complemented by the valve accessories. With their integrated electronics (OBE) they reduce the required wiring and simplify the handling while at the same time providing exact reproducibility and a low manufacturing tolerance.

1. Proportional directional valves Proportional directional valves are available as direct operated and pilot operated valves with or without integrated electronics (OBE). Using integrated electronics, they reduce the cabling effort and simplify handling. These valves are ideal for many closed loop applications.

2. Proportional pressure control valves From multiple direct to pilot-operated proportional pressure control valves, this range delivers a wide range of hydraulic flow capacity for any relieve circuit. Proportional pressure control valves have proven their reliability time and time again in literally millions of operational hours

3. Proportional flow control valves Optimize machines and assembly line performance with Force Marine proportional flow control valves, and keep the flow constant when the load forces change.

4. High-response directional valves High-response valves are compact and robust. They boast high dynamics and closed-loop accuracy in position, velocity, pressure and force control applications. Find the high-response valve you need to control the start, stop and direction of circuit fluid flow.

5. Directional servo-valves Directional servo-valves are hydraulically pilot operated 2-stage or 3-stage directional valves. Because of their high dynamics they are used predominantly for the closed-loop controls of position, force or pressure, and velocity. Force Marine hydraulic servo-valves lead in controlling pressure, flow or position.

6. Proportional, high-response and servo valve accessories Choose from a wide range of accessories for proportional, high-response and servo valves, including meter-in compensators and meter-out check-Q-meters. With Force Marine you will always find the right solution.