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In the range of our hydraulic motors you can choose between radial piston motors with unique torques as well as our proven axial piston motors and external gear motors.

1. Hägglunds direct drive hydraulic motors stand for unparalleled quality and reliability. Moreover, innovation at Force Marine is inspired by our clients’ challenges and our goal is to deliver to them products that exceed performance and reliability expectations.

2. Axial piston motors are available in swash plate or bent axis design for medium- and high-pressure applications.

3. Hydrostatic drives for mobile and stationary application ranges stand out due to their robustness, reliability, long life cycles, low noise emissions and high efficiencies as well as high cost-effectiveness.

4. External gear motors are a cost-effective alternative for rotary drives up to approximately 50 kW. The motors are available for one direction of rotation or reversible, for 2- and 4-quadrant operation.