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Where cyclical motions take place, hydraulic accumulators are able to reduce the installed power and thus increase energy efficiency. Our well-structured portfolio of bladder and diaphragm type accumulators meets the requirements of systems of all sizes and of all applications. Their convincing features are the long life cycles and sophisticated details.

1. Hydro-pneumatic accumulators Diaphragm type and bladder-type accumulators are used for energy storage, shock and vibration absorption, and leakage oil compensation or volume compensation in hydraulic systems. We also offer engineered-to-order and customer specific piston accumulators.

2. Accumulator stations Accumulator stations are intended for use in hydraulic systems and consist of a diaphragm or bladder-type accumulator with shut-off block on mounting elements. These assemblies comply with the applicable national rules and regulations in Europe (Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU), China (Selo) or Russia (Gost).

3. Accumulator shut-off blocks A hydraulic accumulator only meets all international regulations if it is used with an accumulator shut-off block. We offer you assemblies that have been constructed and optimized by leading hydraulics specialists allowing you to meet the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU.