Manifold Blocks

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The product category control blocks and plates includes our subplates, cover and adapter plates, sandwich plates, multistation manifold plates, plate systems and shut-off blocks, as well as pump control blocks and press modules. Our hydraulic specialists are at your disposal for your individual technical challenges - please contact us

1. Manifolds We offer prefabricated control blocks and press modules, as well as customized solutions tailored to your technical requirements. On request, we design and manufacture individual manifolds. Here, Force Marine sets standards and holds the world record with a 28-tons control block.

2. Shut-off blocks A hydraulic accumulator only meets all international regulations if it is used with an accumulator shut-off block. We offer you assemblies that have been constructed and optimized by leading hydraulics specialists allowing you to meet the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU.

3. Modular plate systems Modular plate systems are modular block systems for set-up of controls in a compact construction, ready for connection. They can be realized individually from different modules and additional vertical stackings.

4. Multistation manifolds Multistation manifolds are the base element for ready-to-connect controls of vertical stacking design with 1 to 10 stations. On each station, highly compact hydraulic controls can be built using vertically stackable sandwich plate valves in conjunction with on/off valves, proportional valves, high-response valves or servo valves.