Power pack UNITS

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Energy-efficient, silent, and reliable: You specify the boundary conditions for your task, we engineer and manufacture the perfectly matching hydraulic power unit – from the compact standard power unit through to project-specific units with tank capacities up to 75000 liters.

1. Standard power units Force Marine hydraulic power units always offer you the perfect combination of power in line with demand – whenever you need it – and lowest energy consumption.

2. Silent power units The trend is clear: Regulations for machine building and plant construction stipulate increasingly lower limit values for the permitted average noise emission. Numerous industrial end users apply even stricter standards. We support this development with a systematic reduction of noise emission of your power units.

3. Clamping and drive modules Our clamping and drive modules constitutes complete drive systems, which delivered ready for connection. They are used for supplying hydraulic circuits with hydraulic fluid.

4. Motor/pump assemblies Motor-pump groups turn electrical energy into hydraulic energy. They have been designed for hydrostatic drives in open circuits. The motor-pump groups are designed according to efficiency class IE3 in accordance with the directive (EC) no. 640/2009 of the Commission dated 22 July 2009 on the implementation of the directive 2005/32/EC of the European Parliament.

5. Accumulator stations Accumulator stations are intended for use in hydraulic systems and consist of a diaphragm or bladder-type accumulator with shut-off block on mounting elements. These assemblies comply with the applicable national rules and regulations in Europe (Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU), China (Selo) or Russia (Gost).

6. Filter units Where active cooling is required to remove heat caused by losses in hydraulic systems that are in continuous operation.