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Oil is the central component of every hydraulic system. If a system fails, this is mostly caused by oil contamination. Force Marine filters and cleaning systems for hydraulic oil and lubricating oil applications ensure ideal operating conditions throughout the entire life cycle.

1. Breathing filter The breathing filters are designed as demountable filter housing for breathing and bleeding with internal exchangeable filter element. They filter the suction air of industrial systems and thus prevent damage to the components.

2. Tank mounted filters / return line filters The tank mounted return flow filters are designed for installation on fluid tanks of hydraulic or lubrication systems. Their function is to separate solid materials from fluids and they are also used as filling or bypass filters.

3. Inline filters Inline filters are used in hydraulic systems for separating solid materials from the hydraulic fluids and lubricating oils. They are intended for attachment in pipelines.

5. Suction and replacement cartridge filters Suction filters are protective filters in the suction line. They are intended for installation to protect pumps directly against wear and lateral tank mounting below the oil level. Replacement cartridge filters with filter element in pleated design with optimized pleat density and various filter media.

6. Filter elements The filter element is the central component of industrial filters. The actual filtration process takes part in the filter element. The main filter variables, such as retention capacity, dirt holding capacity and pressure loss are determined by the filter elements and the filter media used in them.